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About Lucky Media

Lucky Media AS is a Norwegian media company with high ambitions to become a major player in an immersive and fast developing media market. “Interactive Media” is the focus of our company, whether it’s digital publishing, virtual reality, or other interactive productions. One of Lucky Media’s competitive advantages is our Polish production studio with many years of experience within 2D and 3D animation. Our great team of talented and experienced artists and game developers, have during the last few years also gained a rich experience in the field of interactve media. This is the strength of our company, and our company’s core value is to give our customers high quality products at an agreeable price and on time.


During 2016 Lucky Media has focused to engender in new exciting and creative projects within VR/AR and 360 degree film. The company has affiliated some of the best artists and game developers for it’s R&D and VR/AR productions. In addition to many years of work in animation and computer graphics, our team has during the last few years gained a rich experience on multimedia and virtual reality projects. In doing so, we have embraced agile and lean practices, and developed an efficient, result-driven software development process.This enables us to deliver high quality products at agreeable prices.


Our goal is to produce and release interactive publications in a global market, with kids and young teens as our main target group. Lucky Media has many years experience in development and production of artistic content for the international publishing market, including work with comic stories, teen magazines, and children books. With the ongoing transition to digital reading platforms, we have developed our own software for interactive publications, giving our young readers a new and exciting reading experience. Existing publications by Lucky Media are: LUCKY HORSE MAGAZINE and LUCKY HORSE COMICS. Both publications are available on App Store and Google Play in five different languages; English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.


Lucky Media’s prodution studio is located in Bielsko-Biala south of Poland. Our creative team consists of experiensed and talented 2D- and 3D artists, writers, graphic designers and game developers, who all put their pride in doing greate work for our clients. Production tasks include: project development, 2D/3D animation, illustrations, comic books, motion-comics, game development, and interactive digital editing.